Serra Clubs

What is the Serra Club?

Serra Clubs are known world wide for their efforts to foster and affirm vocations to Catholic priesthood and religious life, to support active an retired priests and to encourage members to fulfill their own Christian vocation to service.

Who are Serrans?

Catholic men and women who are dedicated to the objectives of Serra International and serve that mission in their diocese. Members of Serra Clubs continue to grow in the Catholic faith through educational programs at dinner or luncheon meetings.

Serrans provide support for discernment and affirmation programs in the Diocesan Vocation Office.


To join Serra or to learn more about Serra, please contact:

Serra Club of Kansas City, Missouri

P.O. Box 480825

Kansas City, MO 64148


Mr. Ted Derks, President


Serra Club of Southeast Kansas City, Missouri

Mrs. Barbara Eckart, President


Serra Club of Kansas City - North, Missouri

Mr. Wayne Snyder, President


Serra Club District 12-2 East

Mr. Steve Pierce-Serra, Governor

Diocesan Seminarians